NBA: Vote: choose the two best quintets of Europeans in the history of the NBA


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Dince several decades ago, the NBA has been nurtured by an increasingly important representation of european players who cross the Atlantic looking for a great career in the best League in the world. Some have reached the ceiling and others were very close to achieving it, and clearly left their mark. Now is the time that european fans recognize, with their votes, the best players of the Old Continent in the nba history.

From this Monday the voting opens so that all European fans choose the first and second best European team of all time among a selection of 20 current and historic European NBA players regardless of their position. The vote, which will be open until on april 6, must be done on a list of players previously designed by a panel of experts. The final results will be revealed next april 8. The vote of the fans will mean 50% of the result while the votes of the experts will give the other 50%.

Vote here for your historical quintets of European players