NOLA native raising money, collecting supplies for hurricane relief

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – A New Orleans native, now living in Richmond, is trying to help her hometown however she can. Ebony Fields is collecting supplies for her mother’s nursing home and raising money to help families.

“It is so overwhelming. It makes you feel helpless; that’s the best way I could describe it. I get calls all day, ’we don’t have this, can you please, do you have anything, can you help us? Do you know anybody that can help us?’ That is my purpose of trying to do this,” said Fields.

Fields is collecting supplies for the nursing home her mother and aunt live in. Through an online fundraiser, she wants to be able to give families $500 at a time. Fields is also a visual artist and will be a part of a hip-hop show in Petersburg soon. Proceeds from the event will help people in New Orleans.

A hip hop show in Petersburg will give part of the proceeds to help with hurricane relief in...
A hip hop show in Petersburg will give part of the proceeds to help with hurricane relief in New Orleans.(Ebony Fields)

Fields has a storage unit she is filling with supplies, such as adult diapers, nonperishable food items, games and puzzles to give to residents in the nursing home.

“I know I am one person, but I know God is mighty, and through God, we can do anything,” she said. “I have been asked in the last couple of days, ‘why am I doing this? It happens every year, it happens all the time,’” she explained. “Because it is a human condition, I would be the same person if it were to happen here, and it could happen anywhere.”

Fields said her father describes the situation as horrific, while people struggle to get food, water and shelter. She worries for her brother, who she says has a newborn to care for in the midst of the storm’s aftermath.

As the images of the aftermath from Ida continue to be seen around the world, Fields remembers several storms throughout her life. She moved to Richmond a few months before Hurricane Katrina and has been back and forth between Richmond and New Orleans for years. Her most recent move brought her back to the Richmond area five months ago.

“I have been there, I remember receiving my first bunk bed from the Red Cross that we took apart and I had my own twin bed,” she explained.

Right now, the biggest challenge is getting the supplies she is collecting down to New Orleans. She is waiting for the day the all-clear is given.

“Certain entry points into Louisiana are shut off. I am waiting to get the all-clear. If they would have given me the all-clear, I would have been gone yesterday,” said Fields. “I have to help home.”

If you are interested in helping Fields in her efforts, you can contact her via e-mail:

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