‘The Five’ panel on AOC backing anti-police candidate


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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everybody. I’m Jesse Watters along
with Katie Pavlich, Geraldo Rivera, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5:00
in New York City and this is THE FIVE.

Liberals getting called out for their selective outrage on crime. For
example, 10-year-old boy was shot and killed in New York City. Disturbing
video shows the suspect opening fire into a house. Bullets struck two
people inside and killed that child.

But so far, there’s been deafening silence from the likes of AOC and Black
Lives Matter. Apparently, AOC is too busy endorsing New York City mayoral
candidate, Maya Wiley, who wants to defund the police but has private
security guarding her block. Wiley says her partner is the one who is
paying for it.

And as crime surges across the country, Americans are fighting against
defunding police. Residents in Minneapolis are suing the city and the mayor
for cutting the police budget and failing to keep them safe. And the
parents in Atlanta are suing city leaders after their 8-year-old daughter
was shot and killed during violent protests last year.

So, Greg, you know, you read these stories about these defund the police
people and then it turns out they are big private security people. What say

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, it’s kind of a relief that we’re doing
these stories because we have been doing them consistently for quite a
while. When the crime rate spiked and the riots in the summertime, we were
the ones talking about this stuff when other — the legacy media and the
Democrats didn’t want to talk about it.

All of these problems have been going on forever, but now they are deciding
to focus on it because it’s going to hurt them politically, which is very
sad. They were happy. If you remember last year with CNN, their prime time
anchors were mocking — the right wing for being upset about crime.

Do you remember? We played that sot Lemon and Cuomo mocking people who were
actually concerned about black on black crime and then Lemon, a couple of
weeks later goes, hey, this could hurt Biden so we better do something
about the crime. How bloodless is that to only care about suffering if it’s
politically contingent?

All of these problems come from two sources that have been going on for
decades, the rejection of law and order as something that is lacking in
compassion. We talked about that with the border too. So, if you believe in
law and order, you are a cold, heartless person. If you defend law and
order, the second part of that is that you’re racist.

So, the left identifies the problem and then makes it unsolvable because
every solution is somehow going to be racist. So now what you end up with
as a result is the defunding movement and you’ve got incinerated cities.
And all of this is caused by a media, well, it’s assisted by a media
generated narrative which said that cops were hunting blacks.

And when you end up looking into the statistics, it’s a huge lie that led
to the Ferguson effect, cops pulling back leading to the riots. Of the two
dozen or so shocking shootings deaths of unarmed human beings, half of
them, more than half were white. The percentages where higher were white
based on police stops. So a lot of the suffering and killing was
completely, completely based on untruths.

WATTERS: And the media is not admitting that the defund the police
movement has backfired. Geraldo, here in New York, the mayoral race, the
guy who is way ahead, black Democrat, running on restoring law and order to
New York City and he’s ahead in the polls.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Eric Adams, great guy. I’ve known
him four years. Actually made a couple of speeches on his behalf. Former
NYPD captain. All about law and order. He hit it exactly right. Going back
to Maya Wiley and the private police force, it’s do as I say, not as I do.
I mean, that’s pretty typical.

But I want to say something a little bit bigger. I think that Black Lives
Matter is the most utterly failed movement in recent times. You have a
movement that pretends to care about black lives when in fact, as you
demonstrated very graphically at the top of the show, Jesse, the black life
they care about is the one taken by the cop.


RIVERA: If a cop is not involved, they are not involved. And the vast
majority of the casualties in the black and brown neighborhoods are caused
by other black and brown people. Black on black violence is raging out of
control. It is the civil rights issue of our time. If we don’t address it,
we’re losing a generation of young black men from coast-to-coast, and the
perpetrators or other young black men.


That guy firing that weapon into that apartment, killing that child is
infuriating and where is the leadership that we’ve been listening to for
the entire year? Where are they?

WATTERS: Well, maybe Joe Biden can deputize Kamala Harris to look into the
root causes, Katie.

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Well, then nothing will get
done, unfortunately. But Joe Biden could ask his Justice Department to do
something like Operation Legend, like the Trump administration did where
the federal government partnered with local authorities to solve murders of
children in these communities, especially in places where local officials
have tried to defund the police and they don’t have the resources to do

But the idea that these politicians continue to want to defund the police
while also taking away everybody’s second amendment rights to defend
themselves against violent criminals, it’s not just hypocritical. It’s
elitist. And so they are willing to isolate themselves with private
security that they can afford through political means and donations while
forcing everybody else to be victims of crime and violence that is a result
of their direct decision-making and policies to defund the police.

I mean, it’s an absolutely despicable, elitist way of governing. And we’ve
seen this all over the country. And when it comes to how does this keep
happening? How is it that little kids are being shot in their homes or road
rage incidents, well, in places like L.A. and San Francisco, in New York,
in Washington State?

You have all of these D.A.s who are unwilling to actually prosecute
criminals, violent criminals. They are letting them out of jail. And this
is not just a fluke. This is an ideology promoted by Black Lives Matter.
They say that they are all about justice. Justice for who? For the
criminals who are willing to commit violent acts against children?

What about the victims of these crimes? The mothers whose children are now
dead as a result of these D.A.’s letting people out of jail and they go and
re-commit crimes? That is their responsibility but it’s not just a mistake.
This is an ideology that they actually believe in.

WATTERS: And now, average families are having to sue cities and states for
these policies that have left people dead. And those lawsuits usually don’t
go very well, so it’s just — it’s sad.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: And then you had the situation in Philadelphia
where Kransner, one of those district attorneys, he actually got re-elected
by a lot.

WATTERS: Pathetic.

PERINO: So, there is that. But back to this — on the New York’s race. So,
it’s interesting because Maya Wiley, she worked for the de Blasio
administration. Now, it is almost universally agreed to that mayor de
Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of the city. So, if were one of
her opponents, I would be trying to tie that back to them.

I do think that defund the police movement is now a liability for
Democrats. For so long, Democrats — and the right does this too — when
you ignore your moderates, it’s to your peril because they swing. They
could go back and forth.

If Maya Wiley loses, which I don’t know exactly what will happen. There is
ranked choice voting for the first time in New York City. This is an
experiment that we’re all going to have to see how it works, but I do think
Eric Adams is going to win.

She is the political guinea pig for the progressive left. And if people
like Abigail Spanberger, the congresswoman from Virginia who said we almost
didn’t keep the majority in the House of Representatives in 2020 because of
all this radical leftist rhetoric, then maybe they’ll pay attention to
somebody like Maya losing.

WATTERS: There is ranked voting now?

PERINO: In New York City, the first time.

WATTERS: That sounds confusing.


WATTERS: I’m going to have a problem with my ballot.

GUTFELD: It’s pretty ranked, let’s put it that way.

PAVLICH: Call for the weekend (ph), Jesse.

RIVERA: Bring one of your kids in to explain it to you.

WATTERS: All right. Coming up, Kamala Harris bombs on her answer about not
going to the border.


LESTER HOLT, NBC NEWS HOST: You haven’t been to the border.

haven’t been to Europe. I mean, I don’t understand the point that you’re


WATTERS: That’s next on THE FIVE.


PAVLICH: Well, its day two of Kamala Harris’ root causes of migration tour
in Central America and things aren’t going well. She is in Mexico today,
but still won’t be going to the southern border and Harris defending that
decision in a cringe worthy interview and then blowing up over it again
this afternoon.


HOLT: Do you have any plans to visit the border?

HARRIS: At some point. You know, we are going to the border. We have been
to the border. So this whole thing about the border, we’ve been to the
border. We’ve been to the border.

HOLT: You haven’t been to the border.

HARRIS: And I haven’t been to Europe. And I mean, I don’t understand the
point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.

Listen, I’ve been to the border before. I will go again, but when I’m in
Guatemala dealing with root causes, I think we should have a conversation
about what’s going on in Guatemala.


PAVLICH: So, Jesse, my new excuse for everything is, but I haven’t been to
Europe in the last three months.

WATTERS: Right. No one’s been to Europe. We are not allowed to go to
Europe. Permission to make an analogy, Katie?

PAVLICH: All right, permission.

WATTERS: So, let’s say Emma comes home and there is bees inside the house
because I left the door open. And she says. “Jesse, there is bees in the
house, do something.” And I say, “I’ll take care of this. I’m going to deal
with root causes.” And then I leave the house, leave the door wide open,
wandered to the neighbor’s house and talk to him about his beehive.

That’s what Kamala Harris is doing. She’s wasting time at the neighbor’s
house talking about a beehive. All we want her to do was to go to the door
and close the door.

PERINO: Wait, did this happen?

GUTFELD: That was very vivid.

PAVLICH: Is this a real story?

WATTERS: What? So, the root causes thing is a cop-out. They’re just buying
time. If they cared about root causes, they’d go to Wuhan and check out the
lab, but they don’t. All Biden did was basically open the border, then tell
Kamala go to Guatemala and blame Guatemala.


WATTERS: And now she says to Lester Holt, you know what, all the stuff I’m
doing here in Guatemala, you’re not going to see results for years. Well,
that’s great because Biden is a one termer. A Republican is going to have
to deal with it. And speaking of Lester, is he alive? She’s out there
making analogies worse than I am (inaudible).

GUTFELD: Hard to believe.

WATTERS: And he’s just sitting there like a mummy. You’ve got to watch the
whole video too because she’s — actually, you can hear the audio of her
swallowing. These are easy questions.


PERINO: All right.

WATTERS: You can actually hear gulp from the mic that NBC is picking up.
And these are softball questions. Come on.

PAVLICH: Well, I wasn’t paying as close attention as Jesse was to the
gulping apparently that was going on, but Greg, I think that she honestly
thought that she was going to get away with saying, I’ve been to the
border. I’ve been to the border. And that the media would just accept that
and move on. So, I’m glad that Lester Holt pointed out that actually you
haven’t been to the border as vice president.

GUTFELD: To what Jesse said, it’s like she doesn’t — it’s not that she
doesn’t expect hard questions. She doesn’t even expect obvious questions. I
mean, she just wants to laugh over a glass of Chablis. And I bet she’s a
barrel of laughs, but she needs some serious media training.

When she’s nervous, she makes you nervous. It’s like watching a drunk play
Jenga. You don’t know what’s going to happen. And it’s not like she’s
hopeless, it’s that she’s hapless. It’s like she doesn’t really want to be

I was talking to Dana about this. This reminds me of the one and only time
that I hosted “Fox & Friends.” And it just wasn’t my thing. I just couldn’t
get down the patter. I couldn’t get the happy patter and it was just like –
– it was just felt like I was putting on a suit that didn’t fit.

WATTERS: I got to pull that clip.

GUTFELD: She’s got it. Right now, the suit she is wearing doesn’t fit.

RIVERA: I want some of the patter.

GUTFELD: And it’s like she’s got — if she doesn’t care enough because
right now it looks like she doesn’t care, like she’s just given up and it’s
like, I haven’t been to Europe. And she’s like — and then she’s laughing
like don’t you agree with me? It’s like so sad, but weird at the same time.
I enjoy it.

PAVLICH: So, Dana, you know, they continued to be asked about this. The
White House is getting pressed on this not just from the V.P.’s office, but
from the White House podium. What is the reason why they wouldn’t go to the
border or at least just, you know, when does it become a liability for them

PERINO: Well, I think it’s obviously already has. You already see that
with the results for example in McAllen, Texas, just elected a Republican
mayor for the first time in I think since — Carl says since 1977. And
Hillary Clinton won that district by 40 points. So, there are changes
afoot. And I don’t think media training is going to solve this problem.

GUTFELD: Yes. It might be too late.

PERINO: This is not a media training issue. I don’t blame the
communicators. It is her problem, right. If her instincts were not on the
day that he said I’d like you to go to the border, remember, she went —
they got the border assignment because she laughed when she was asked if
they were going to the border.

And they were like, okay, now we’re going to put you in charge of the
border. Five days later, her office put out a note like, actually, let’s be
clear. It’s not the border. It’s like they want to separate the border from
Guatemala. When and actually the root cause is actually at the border. And
the Guatemalan president said that.


PERINO: He said as soon as you said you’re going to reunite families and
children, the coyote showed up and said, okay, who wants to go? And that’s
when everybody started headed out.


PERINO: So, if your instinct is not to say thank you for the assignment,
sir. I will be leaving on Thursday morning and I will do a fact-finding
mission. I will come back and tell you all about it. That would’ve solved
all of this. Instead, they didn’t call it a crisis and they just didn’t go
and deal with the issue, which means that now they have a big political
problem on their hands and we have a policy problem.

GUTFELD: They have bees. Bees in the house, Dana

WATTERS: There is bees in the house.

PAVLICH: There are lots of bees in the house.

PERINO: Everyone is buzzing about it.

WATTERS: Do something.

PAVLICH: But speaking of — Geraldo, she says that she has been to the
border before. That is true. Let’s take a listen to the former senator when
she went to the border for the first time. Oh, it’s a tweet, okay. So
anyway, she said tweet, “Say it loud, say it clear. Everyone is welcome
here. #NoBanNoWall” and yet yesterday, she’s in Guatemala saying don’t
come. Well, what has changed?

RIVERA: Well, she’s being consistent because that’s what the Guatemalan
president said that she said, that you’re the problem, he said to our vice
president. You know, she has — I really deeply admire her. No, I do. She’s
a historic figure. She’s very, very important there.

GUTFELD: That’s not enough though.

RIVERA: It may not be enough but I was going — my but is —

GUTFELD: Here we go.

RIVERA: — that she has a kind of a quirky nature that when pressed,
remember in the presidential primaries, how unpleasant she sometimes comes
across when she’s under pressure. And it cost her the early exit when she
was running for president. And I think this trip is a disaster. It is —
because, you know, why go to Guatemala?

You could pick up the phone to the Mexican president and you can say, you
know that trade deal that we have pending, or you know those factories on
the border. Do you want —


RIVERA: — you don’t want those trucks to come across as freely as they
do, the big semis? Then you have to do what you did with Donald Trump when
there was this surge of immigrants in 2019. You’ve got to play ball. You’ve
got to use the forces at your command to mitigate this horrible flow that’s
coming. And she really has blown it. I think she can recover. She can
mature in office, but that’s not a winning formula.

PERINO: I have to say that there is not many Democrats who were looking at
this coin. This is a great 2024 candidate.

GUTFELD: Well, that’s — I was just going to say that because wasn’t she
supposed to be —


GUTFELD: — she’s supposed to be groomed for this.

WATTERS: Biden was the placeholder for her.


PAVLICH: Well, this is what happens when you choose your vice president
based on gender and skin color rather than actual talent and expertise.
We’re seeing that disaster unfold.

RIVERA: Oh, I don’t agree. That’s way — that’s so mean.

PAVLICH: Oh, it’s mean? It’s actually true.

RIVERA: She was attorney general in the state of California. She was
United States senator. You can’t demean her just because she’s (inaudible).

PAVLICH: Well, there’s a reason why she got zero votes and had to drop out
of the race before they even started taking votes. So, anyway, ahead,
Barack Obama mocking Republicans for daring to push back against critical
race theory.


PERINO: Former President Barack Obama is mocking Republicans over their
concerns about teaching critical race theory in schools. Take a look.


certain right-wing media venues for example that monetize and capitalize on
stoking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a
changing America.

You would think with all the public policy debates that are taking place
right now that, you know, the Republican Party would be engaged in a
significant debate. Lo and behold, the single most important issue to them
apparently right now is critical race theory. Who knew that that was the
threat to our republic?


PERINO: And Fox News contributor Leo Terrell calling out the former
president for his rhetoric.


LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTIR: He is the last person on Earth that
should be promoting the critical race theory. Here is a man, if he’s a —
he became president of the United States. When you promote a theory of hate
that specifically targets a particular group of people, i.e., being white
that is a discussion and affects every American in this country. Who in
this world oppressed President Obama? He became president.


PERINO: Greg, give us your take on the Obama interview.

GUTFELD: That was a really stupid comment by former President Obama. He’s
basically insulting people for actually understanding a critical
curriculum. He would prefer you to be ignorant of it, to be a low
information person. But all of — he should be saying wow, I’m pretty
impressed that these people know this stuff, you know.

And also, he makes his mistake where he says, you know, in the part of the
interview he talks about how his daughters are saying cancel culture is out
of control or it’s not good and then he says CRT is, you know, harmless. He
doesn’t see the connection between the two. The critical race theory helps
create the cancel culture by saying that everybody who isn’t non-white is
an oppressor and therefore must be canceled.

And finally, how does he not get that education is actually way more
important than anything he just talked about, whether it was climate change
or anything? His priorities are all contingent on solving education which
is basically the pyramid base for everything else.

I mean, if you look — we talked about crime in the A block. If you look at
people that are killed by police, you can trace it almost all the way back
to their education. How was their education?

PERINO: They would be the root cause.

GUTFELD: It would be the root — thank you, Dana — the root cause.

PERINO: A little bring it back. Geraldo, what did you make of the comment
that he had?

RIVERA: You know, the — I’m not sure that the president is prospering in
his post-presidency. I mean, I’m not talking financially. I mean in terms
of the impact, when he comes on, you know, he’s going to be mellow and
laid-back and cooler than you and smarter than you. You know, I watch him
and it’s almost like I’ve heard it before even if I never heard it before.

In terms of critical race theory, though, and I think that people here and
the network are too sensitive about critical race theory and not sensitive
enough, to me, about the history of — if you were a black kid going to
public schools in the south in the 1950s, 1960s, what was your curriculum?

Jefferson Davis was a great guy. Stonewall Jackson is the hero of heroes.
Robert E. Lee is next to Jesus. You know, contemporary society sorts these
things out. Now it’s all the rage. A year or two from now, you’re not going
to have white kids looking at each other hating themselves. It’s not, you
know, this will even out.

I want us — you know, why are we so freaked out about differences? What
happened to these old —

GUTFELD: Because it’s racist.

RIVERA: — to the old concept — the old concept of we’re in this together,
you know.


PERINO: Well, that’s kind of the issue, right, Katie, like, we are all in
this together.

PAVLICH: Well, I’m not going to insult all the parents in Loudoun County,
in Fairfax County who have been leading the charge against critical race
theory. And they are a diverse group of parents who are — who grew up with
a legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., saying we want to judge our kids and
each other by the content of their character, not by the color of their

And they have very publicly stated that the critical race theory, a
curriculum that they are seeing their kids come home with, does the
opposite of that. And it’s teaching their kids and their kids of their
neighbors who live on this the same street as them and the kids that they
play baseball with, or sports with at school, to hate each other based on
their skin color.

And it’s really not even about American history, it’s about looking at
someone in a hierarchy of skin color and saying because you’re lighter than
I am or because you’re white, you have — you have oppressed me even though
you’ve never even done that. You know, you are — you are a product of the
sin of the people who came before you despite having zero or anything to do
with the history of the country. And it lacks a ton of context when it
comes to the progress that the country has made.

And so, the bottom line is parents who are a fighting critical race theory
don’t want their kids to grow up looking at their fellow peers, and saying,
I’m going to judge you based on your skin color and determine whether I
should oppress you, you should oppress me, or whether we can move forward
together as Americans. And so, they’re just worried about their kids
growing up to hate each other as a result of the curriculum. So, as usual,
President Obama doesn’t have all the facts on what critical race theory
actually is.

PERINO: Final word, Jesse.

WATTERS: Obama is trying to put out a fire because critical race theory is
really hurting Democrats. Average moms and dads are livid about it, what
they’re hearing back from school. It’s insidious. It’s pollution of the
brain, Geraldo. I want graphic detail history of the wars —

RIVERA: What about this sort of gender, transgender —

WATTERS: — and oppression. I want it all out there for us to learn. I
don’t want psychological warfare on a 13-year-old who’s trying to make it
through the day. And that’s what this is. They’re trying to hurt their
brain and divide the country. And people are gained to it. They get it and
they’ve rejected it. And Obama is trying to minimize it and tell the rest
of the Democrats, hey, use this line, try this line out, because he’s
trying to help them. Democrats are doing great right now.

PERINO: You’re right. It’s like — everybody asked like, how — what can we
do about the country being so polarized. But the parents I think — in this
case, like the parents are kind of stepping up on this one.

OK, ahead, cancel culture controversies. Chris Harrison is officially out
as host of the Bachelor and Office star Ellie Kemper apologizes for what
she did decades ago. We will discuss.


RIVERA: Two big cancel culture controversies to tell you about. Ellie
Kemper, remember her, star of the hilarious show The Office, now
apologizing for her decades-old involvement in the debutante ball — this
is years ago — that was a racist and sexist history of the debutante ball.
And apologizing, Ellie denounced white supremacy, saying she was not aware
of the event’s history, but that her ignorance is no excuse.

And equally overly sensitive, after 16 seasons hosting The Bachelor, Chris
Harrison has accepted his final rose and will no longer be on the hit show.
It was after Harrison defended a Bachelor contestant who had attended an
antebellum plantation theme party way back in college. You know, I think
about — Jesse, I think about all the people that did blackface in the 70s
and 80s, including Jimmy Kimmel and all these great liberals and wokes.

PAVLICH: Ralph Northam.

RIVERA: You know, people change. Just going on woke culture, people change,
attitudes change. I mean, you can’t forget and forgive everything.

WATTERS: Well, Kimmel did blackface a couple of years ago, Geraldo. It
wasn’t back in the 70s. He should have known better and I don’t want to get
into that. But with Ellie Kemper, there’s a checklist of apology things
that I go through when I’m demanded that I issue an apology, and I think
she should go through them.

Number one, was anybody physically hurt? No. Was anyone actually
traumatized? No. Are there 10s of millions of people who deserve that I
show contrition? No. Will my apology create more negative press than the
initial story? No. And am I actually sorry or am I just apologizing to
appease the PR department or the mob?

RIVERA: All right, I’d like the answer to that.

WATTERS: So, she’s needs to go through the checklist. And if you go through
this checklist for being the belle of the ball years ago as a 17-year-old,
she should have said nothing, nothing.

RIVERA: What do you advise — like, what do you advise George W. Bush,
Dana, when — about the drug use and all that from years ago?

PERINO: OK, wait, well, I didn’t work for him when he was — those
accusations were made. So — I came on right after 9/11. So, he’s never
been accused of these things. Chris Harrison, if you’ll recall, he groveled
in the most embarrassing —

RIVERA: Oh, yes.

PERINO: Oh, just terrible apology. And he basically was like begging. And
you knew when he did that apology, it was never going to be enough. So, at
some point, what I would — what I would recommend to these people or to
anybody that — is that go through the checklist —

WATTERS: Go through the checklist.

PERINO: — and then stand strong and move on. Because he was he was going
to lose his job anyway, but they made him grovel and you will — you will
forever be able to see that.

RIVERA: Would you ever grovel, Greg?

GUTFELD: No. I do that in my marriage. This is just — this — you have Bs.
Yes, I have Bs. They’re more than Bs. But this is just another example of
the left eating itself because it’s running out of things to eat. It’s only
going to stop until people stop. Like, if she had told him to shove it up
their ass, everybody would have been behind her.


GUTFELD: She would have been a hero. She would have been a hero. But no,
she was — her fear of being ostracized, her fear of losing her status as
an actress mattered more. And she was listening to the wrong people. If you
— if you read her statement, it wasn’t even written by her. It was written
by a woke diversity consultant and she just checked it all off. And she
wanted to hope that — she wanted hope that this puts it to bed, and maybe
it will, but for Harrison, it didn’t.

If you apologize, you feed the wokedile. And the wokedile just gets
hungrier and hungrier, and it’s good to eat all of you. I wish I had
sympathy for these people, but they’re freaking coward.

RIVERA: But you know, that’s what — Katie, I was alluding to maybe
awkwardly when I said what about the Robert E. Lee era of history and the
Black kid in the — in the south? It seems to me that debutante balls have
been part of American history since the 19th century. And many of them have
this romanticized Gone with the Wind kind of theme where if you’re a Black
kid, don’t you — you know, isn’t that as offensive as a white kid having
to endure critical race theory?

PAVLICH: Well, I want to talk about the apology.

RIVERA: Oh, you talk about anything.

PAVLICH: Context matters. That’s how I will answer your question about the
history of America and whether something that takes place today actually
has the same meaning as it does in pop culture. They usually have different

GUTFELD: How can you watch baseball when you know it was segregated?

PAVLICH: I think it comes down to what people can get away with based on
how they vote. So Ellie Kemper is a big lefty. She’s a Democrat. People are
coming to her defense in Hollywood saying she gets to move on. This is the
same thing that has happened with Jimmy Kimmel while other people have been
fired. But when it comes to Chris Harrison of The Bachelor, he tends to be
seen as more of a Republican and therefore he has to lose his job.

So, the left has made the rules here. And it would just be nice if once in
a while they applied to their own side rather than to their political
enemies. And overall, as Greg said, this eventually eats everybody. It’s a
miserable way to live. It’s like you have to constantly be on eggshells
about what you can say, what you’ve done, what your — what you may have
done when you were 19 years old at a ball.

And so, eventually, I hope that they just say look, we’re not going to be
so sensitive to these things and they move on. But the left decide of the
political spectrum who have engaged in this kind of behavior. So, the right
has been wanting to move on.

RIVERA: The bottom line — the bottom line of this segment is no groveling.

GUTFELD: No groveling.

RIVERA: If you watch THE FIVE, no groveling.

WATTERS: Only Greg.

GUTFELD: Only me.

PAVLICH: And if you’re (INAUDIBLE)

RIVERA: I don’t think Anthony Weiner ever groveled, did he? He’s back in
the —

PAVLICH: Oh, he did. He did lots of groveling.

GUTFELD: They’re different things.

RIVERA: Different —

PERINO: There are exceptions.


RIVERA: He’s back in the headlines. We’ll tell you why. “THE FASTEST” is


GUTFELD: Welcome back. Time for “THE FASTEST.” First up, creepy sexual
offender Anthony Weiner is back. I’m so happy. And apparently, he’s trapped

RIVERA: Give him a rose.

GUTFELD: Yes. The pervy ex-congressman is thinking about selling non-
fungible tokens or NFTs of some of his most talked-about moments. Like that
lewd photo we accidentally tweeted in 2011, or a copy of the search warrant
for the laptop seized by the FBI during the investigation that sent him to
prison in 2017 for sexting with an underage girl.

Dana, maybe he just asked for a lump sum.

PERINO: Of what?

GUTFELD: Or just hard cash.

PERINO: Oh, yeah. What else you got?

GUTFELD: Maybe, he’ll make a very small profit. I don’t see NFT rising in
value. It could be part of a financial package.

PERINO: Do you think it will flop?


PERINO: That’s all I got.

GUTFELD: What do you make of this? Here’s a serious question, though, Dana.
Does this guy deserve to make a living?

PERINO: Well, he did his time, right? And also, as I understand it, he is
in a sex addiction counseling, and he’s trying to work his program. And
he’s trying to — he has a job. He’s trying to earn some money. Maybe this
will be an additional way to earn some money. But he said that his focus is
on his 9-year-old son.

GUTFELD: There you go. You know what, Jesse, the problem with it is he
can’t even do witness protection.

WATTERS: Dad, you’re late again. You had sex addiction class. I mean, your
father is at sex addiction therapy? Oh, God. It’s like rock bottom every
time you hear about Wiener. First, he’s like sexting, and then he’s with
his son’s sexting, and then he’s selling toasters.

GUTFELD: Wasn’t there a dog in the bed once?

PERINO: Taking selfie with pets.

GUTFELD: You know what — you know what, what’s amazing, like, he’s looking
at Hunter Biden and he’s going, wait a second.


GUTFELD: I know Hunter Biden.

WATTERS: Yes. So, Hunter Biden actually just got caught allegedly saying
the N-word. The Daily Mail reported it. He’s like, tweeting the N-word and
sending it over e-mail. I don’t know. Are we going to cancel Hunter Biden
now by all these same sins? This would be like O.J. trying to sell his
glove, right? It’s like that’s how bad this is.

RIVERA: He probably did.


GUTFELD: You know what, somebody would buy that glove. People buy John
Wayne Gacy artwork, like Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson. They would buy the
glove. Geraldo, there is — he does have a kind of a tragic problem and
that he’s always going to be himself. He can’t like, move somewhere and
change his name. They know who he is. So, does he have an opportunity to
somehow make an honest living even if it’s creepy?

RIVERA: I think that Wiener particularly is a testament to shattered

WATTERS: Testament?

GUTFELD: Stop it.


RIVERA: I mean, here’s a guy who is going to be the first Jewish president.
He — you know, he had a beautiful marriage. He was going places. He was
very well connected. He’s going to be mayor of New York on his stepping
stone to Washington, and it all came down. Here he’s sending texts of his –
– of his private parts to a 17-year-old kid.

I mean, it shows that sometimes, you know, the facade that you create hide
something that’s really rotten. And to the to your humorous, you know,
wonderings about what’s going to happen to him, I don’t know where he ends
up other than as a joke. Let him sell the NFTs or whatever the hell they
are, since I can’t figure out what they are.

GUTFELD: Yes, you know, Katie, do you remember the day —

PAVLICH: I remember the day.

GUTFELD: Andrew Breitbart taken over Weiner’s press conference?

PAVLICH: Yes. It was 10 years ago this week that — I’m old enough to
remember when the media accused Andrew Breitbart and his writers of hacking
Anthony Weiners Twitter account and sending out this photo that he claimed
wasn’t his. And then Andrew Breitbart took over his press conference in New
York, and he answered question for like 20 minutes from the press and like,
said, he wanted an apology because Anthony Weiner was going to come out and
admit that he actually tweeted the photo. And then that led to everything
else happening.

So, that was a breakthrough for conservative media. And I think Andrew
still deserves an apology from the media about —

GUTFELD: Do you know what happened night? So, we go to — he does Red Eye,
and then we go to the bar, and we’re with one of the guys from Opie and
Anthony, and he says, come on Opie and Anthony the next day.

Breitbart goes on Opie and Anthony, and then they take a picture of his
phone while he’s passing the phone around with this — the naked picture of
Weiner. No one had ever seen it before. And then that got picked up and
that’s what ended up destroying Weiner was the picture on Breitbart’s phone
being photographed.

PAVLICH: The picture of it was amazing.

GUTFELD: Yes. A little backstory there. “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


WATTERS: Time now for “ONE MORE THING.” Greg Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: Let’s do this. Yes, red carpet. I haven’t seen a lot of those. You
know, I live in a very hot neighborhood. A lot of famous people walking
around. Just this morning in the rain, I was walking out and who did I see?
Danny DeVito just out there walking along. There he is.

PERINO: You got to hurry in the raid.

GUTFELD: He’s — obviously, it was — had a very, very urgent doctor’s
appointment or duck-tor’s appointment.

PERINO: Isn’t he waterproof?


GUTFELD: There you go.

WATTERS: Way upstate New York right there.

PAVLICH: And boots on him.

GUTFELD: I tried to think of a good one. Maybe I should have just gone with
Jude Law.

RIVERA: How many times are we going to see this duck?

WATTERS: All right, Dana.

PERINO: OK, well, I just found on the commercial break is my good friend
Matt Whitlock’s birthday. So, happy birthday, and I’m sorry I didn’t do
more. But here’s a shout-out on THE FIVE. Everybody, happy birthday to Matt

RIVERA: Happy birthday.

PERINO: I wanted to talk about this great book that I read, written by
Virginia Hume, and it’s called Haven Point. It takes place from 1945 to
present day. It goes from Washington D.C. to Maine. I loved this book. And
yes, she is the daughter of our own Brit Hume. But it’s on sale today. I
highly recommend it for your summer reading. I loved it.

GUTFELD: Did you feel compelled to read it?

PERINO: No. I wanted to read it.

GUTFELD: Dana wants to read my daughter’s book.

PERINO: No, he did not do that.

GUTFELD: Read my daughter’s book.

PERINO: But you shouldn’t read his daughter’s book.

WATTERS: Yes, after my book, Dana.

PERINO: Well, hers came out today. They can read that before they get to

WATTERS: OK. I will now talk about my best friends since it is National
Best Friend’s Day. And my best friend is Scott Sanders. Scott is my
producer. We were having trouble finding “ONE MORE THING” pitches today.
So, we found out it was National Best Friend’s Day and I took a really
weird shot at Scott in my office. He looks like an I.T. worker, doesn’t he?
He just needs a little pager on his belt.

GUTFELD: Is he selling Relief Factor?

WATTERS: Yes. Oh, he sells a lot of stuff. But I wasn’t buying today. So,
instead, we put his beautiful face on the screen. I found out he has a
girlfriend and they — well, I don’t want to comment on the relationship,
but things are going well, we think there. And that’s all I’m going to say
because I don’t want to ruin it. So, congratulations —

GUTFELD: You know a lot about your best friend?

WATTERS: We’re close, Greg. All right, thanks, Scott. You doing a great
job. Geraldo.

RIVERA: I thought my “ONE MORE THING” was a stretch. I am the proud father
of five beautiful children. My youngest now, I can’t believe how time
flies. Sol Liliana, there she is. And she’s growing and growing. And now
all of a sudden, she is interested in politics. She is totally engaged.

Today, she graduated ninth grade with high honors. She’s a very socially
active kid. Here she is speaking at the anti-Asian American hate rally. We
just found out a couple of days ago that she won the award for the
friendship circles. She works with developmentally disabled children. So, I
love this child. And I congratulate her on her graduating with high honors.

WATTERS: Oh, high honors.

PAVLICH: High honors.

WATTERS: Geraldo.


WATTERS: Your daughter? Pretty good. I didn’t see that one coming.

PAVLICH: Be nice, Jesse.

WATTERS: I’m just kidding. Go ahead, Katie.

PAVLICH: All right, so after four decades of coaching women’s softball at
the University of Arizona, Mike Candrea is retiring. He built an absolute
powerhouse program from the ground up. He had 24 trips to the Women’s
College World Series, 34 consecutive NCAA post series seasons — post
seasons, excuse me, 53 All-Americans. And he said about his retirement,
“When I arrived in 1985, they wanted to build a culture of excellence and
compete consistently at the highest levels of division one softball. Most
of all, our goal was to prepare our student-athletes for life after
softball and build relationships that would last a lifetime.”

And my personal connection is that my great aunt, Mary Roby, actually hired
him. So, congratulations to Coach Candrea.

PERINO: All right.

RIVERA: Wow. Bear down Arizona.

PAVLICH: And yes, bear down Arizona. Congratulations to the coach.


WATTERS: (INAUDIBLE). We were just — Greg and I, were just talking. He was
telling me in the greenroom. He didn’t think softball was a real sport. And
then you do a softball thing.

GUTFELD: Amazing.

PAVLICH: Fact check. I got your fact check right here.

GUTFELD: I said women’s softball.

WATTERS: Oh, got you.

RIVERA: Was that correct about my parenting?

WATTERS: Sorry. You know what, you’re great, Geraldo. Even greater, Bret

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