Tomi Lahren: ‘Textbook Democrat’ answer to crime spike will be coming after gun rights


Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren is not surprised a surge in violence is taking place in Democrat-run cities across the country. The host of “Final Thoughts” told “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday, “there is a war on cops” and the anti-police rhetoric coming from the left is a huge reason for “crime and lawlessness.” She predicted that the left’s response will be to target the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

TOMI LAHREN: “Well, first of all, it is absolutely heartbreaking to hear what our law enforcement officers have been going through for the last several years or more. There is a war on cops. Anybody who doesn’t see it see that clearly, is not paying attention to the statistics. So first and foremost, I want to thank every law enforcement officer that’s watching for going out there every single day putting on that uniform and badge. You mean a lot to our country and our communities.

But I’ll also tell you this. The instinct to come after the rights of decent and law-abiding Americans to solve a problem created by poor leadership and policy is textbook Democrat. Not only will they blame COVID, they will blame our gun rights and they will come after those. That is coming next. 

But it’s not hard to figure out why crime and lawlessness is spiking across the country, mainly in Democrat-run cities. It’s what happens when you demonize law enforcement. You use race as a weapon to excuse bad behavior, convincing some folks that looting and lawlessness are forms of justice. Listen, this was all incredibly predictable. You’re seeing it happen right before our eyes and it’s not going to end any time soon.